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Hi, I"m Mike and welcome to my new website I was going to start a blog about mental illness recovery but it ended up turing into a bit more, so you have this site.

I lead two support groups for mental illness in real life and I wanted to create a website that can offer everything you would find at a real life support group on one webstiee. There are plenty of great mental illness message boards out there, but the issue with those is that all the great content that is posted eventually gets buried deep in the message boards and is never read again. I think that is a huge waste.

So I wanted to create a site that was organized and easy to navigate and find the kind of information about mental illness recovery you would be looking for at a support group in real life. But I need your help.

What I have learned at the support groups I lead is that a support group is only as good as it's membners. It's my job at group not to educate everyone but to get the best out of everybody--to get them all to contribute as best they can.

Everyone has unique experiences with mental illness, but those experiences often relate closely to those of others. The more that is shared at a support group, the higher the chances that someone in the room will hear exactly what they need to hear. So that's what I want to do with this website--I want to have a place where the collective knowledge of everyone who has experienced metnal illness (or knows someone close to them who has) can all be shared and found by people--not just whoever happens to be browsing the page on a given day (like on on a message board) but forever.

So I need your help. Take some time to go somewhere on the site and post something, because the more content that gets put up here, the better off everyone will be. If you are active on mental illness message booards elsewhere on the internet, consider starting a user blog here and reposting what you post on those message boards so people can find it later on and get value out of it instead of letting it get buried deep in a message board where it will nevefr be read again.

So again, please, take some time to post something. I recommend going to the testimonials page and just writing your story. People love to hear about the experiences of other people with mental illness and, at group, the segment devoted to hearing the new people's stories is one of the most valuable and appreciated parts of group every week. There is so much to learn just by listening to what someone else has been through and it also does the person who is sharing their story a lot of good to just get their story out, so I really encourage you to go there and share your story.

Thanks for checking out the site,




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