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I've set the site up so there can be discussions about anything on other pages, but this is where you all can pick your topics and have ongoing conversations about them... even if you don't have any topics or questions you want to discuss, please browse the discussions from time to time because you may have some wisdom to impart that you didn't know you had... as with everything about this site--it's only as good as the people who contribute.

General Read Topics (44)
Anything that doesn't apply below  

Ask Everyone a Question Read Topics (0)
because I'm just one person, as is a doctor

Young Adults Read Topics (0)
Toughest people to get to give this site a chance, but the people who need it most. Also for Family Members of a struggling young adult

Family Read Topics (0)
Family members of someone with mental illness.

What's Keeping you Down Read Topics (0)
Painful thoughts can cripple you and dramatically lengthen the amount of time it will take to recover--post them and someone might give you perspective about them.

Rants Read Topics (0)
Angry about anything? Bang the keys and just let it out (anonymously -- no user account necessary)

Suggestions Read Topics (0)
How you think I can make the site better... and yes, my feelings will be hurt because this site is perfect--like me and like my life ; )


















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