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Treating Someone Who Denies They Have an Illness
posted by:robbyn Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Forced treatment is a controversial topic. Many advocate for the rights of the mentally ill to choose treatment, while many families feel helpless to care for their loved one who refuses treatment. The fact is that when illnesses spiral out of control, the survivor winds up traumatized by the time they receive treatment. As with any illness, when left untreated, wreaks havoc on the body. For an analogy, denying my car needs a repair will not prevent everyone else from seeing that my car is going to break down and I will get stranded.

How can you treat someone who insists they are not ill?
Article By: Carrie Arnold August 21, 2018

As a leading neurologist at the Hôpital de la Pitié in Paris, Joseph Babinski was used to seeing all sorts of unusual phenomena. But in 1914, two patients stuck out. Both had damage to the right hemispheres of their brains, leaving them paralysed on the left side of their body (each brain hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body).

For an experienced neurologist like Babinski, this was hardly noteworthy. What did strike him was that both patients insisted they were completely normal. They were unaware that there was anything wrong with them. In a 1914 medical journal article, Babinski explained that when he recommended electrotherapy to one of these patients, she replied, “Why do you want to electrify me? I am not paralysed.” He coined a new word to describe this symptom: anosognosia, literally meaning ‘without knowledge’.



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